Revalid Anti Hair Loss Serum 20 x 6ml

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Revalid hair tonic for external applications is energizing formula containing caffeine and natural ingredients * against the aging process of the follicle. Prevents hair loss and stimulate hair growth. High quality hair loss treatment product.

* Panthenol, wheat protein and oat extract.

How does Revalid tonic?

1. Rubbing tonic by gentle massage stimulates blood circulation.

2. There is a positive effect on the vitality of hair roots, making them stronger.

3. Tonic nourishes weak hair and protects it from damage and facilitates combing and.

4. Panthenol relieves scalp.


Can be applied to wet or dry hair. Intensive care: 2 times a day, ideally morning and evening. Regular care: 4-5 times a week.

How to apply:

1. Gently Break off the tip of the ampoule content and apply evenly over the entire scalp.

2. Massage the scalp gently with fingertips and leave for work. Do not rinse.


Treatment should be continued for at least 2-3 months to regenerate hair roots.

Package contains: 20 X 6ml ampoules.

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