Klosterfrau Melissengeist Melisana Herbal Based Tonic 235ml

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Klosterfrau Melissengeist is formulated for internal as well as external use and is based on 13 natural herbs. You can find it in nearly every German household.

Bottle Size: 155ml.

Klosterfrau Melissengeist alleviates the symptoms of a cold or flu as well as it is effective against nervousness, states of tension and excitement, anxiety, difficulties in falling asleep, headaches, sensitivity to changing weather, non-organic heart ailments, painful menstrual cramps and during menopause, stomach-intestinal ailments like indigestion, fullness and no appetite, when it is used internally. Klosterfrau Melissengeist is also effective against painful nerves, pains after muscular exertion, lumbago, gingivitis, indisposition and exhaustion, when it is used externally.

The recommended dosage of Klosterfrau Melissengeist is up to 9.4 g due to its 79% alcohol by volume. 

Please note: That it should not be given to pregnant women or children or people who suffer under liver diseases or have to take pills due to possible cross effects.

Also the amount of alcohol by volume may reduce the reaction times while driving or using machinery. 

Internal Use:

  • To improve general wellbeing (strengthening or fortifying) where nervous and circulatory stress causes inner disquiet and nervousness.
  • To combat insomnia.
  • For weather sensitivity.
  • To improve well being when unwell, to stimulate gastro-intestinal function, particularly where there is a tendency to feel full or bloated.
  • As a mild medicine to improve wellbeing in uncomplicated colds and for general strengthening. 

External Use:

  • To support blood circulation in the skin, e.g. for sore and tense muscles.

Warning: Contains 66.8% (V/V) ethanol. Contains cinnamon (cinnamic aldehyde).

Read the package leaflet before use. For information on risks and side effects please refer to the package leaflet and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Klosterfrau Spirit of Melissa has been produced by Klosterfrau for many generations, following a trusted recipe. Besides lemon balm, Spirit of Melissa also includes 12 other established medicinal herbs. This makes up the unique composition of Klosterfrau Spirit of Melissa. The herbs it contains come from cultured plant crops.

Digestive problems, sleep disorders, anxiety and tension in the autonomic nervous system can cause us to feel unwell. The medicinal herbs in Klosterfrau Spirit of Melissa possess soothing properties which relieve non-specific digestive problems such as bloating and indigestion. Klosterfrau Spirit of Melissa can also help provide relief from sleep disorders and help provide a good night’s sleep. The herbs can also ease nervousness and tension.

Applied externally, Klosterfrau Spirit of Melissa can be used for aching muscles and headaches. Klosterfrau Spirit of Melissa, the most well-known product from Klosterfrau, was introduced in Switzerland in 1953. Steeped in tradition, the Spirit of Melissa is based on the original recipe of 1826 by the nun Maria Clementine Martin, which she constantly refined each time she made it.

Today, Klosterfrau Spirit of Melissa still enjoys a high degree of popularity and is found in many home medicine cabinets. In the same year, Maria Clementine Martin founded her company near Cologne Cathedral, laying the foundations for a global pharmaceutical company with her successful herbal remedies.

Composition: 100 ml contains essential oils distilled from alcohol with 4.04 g of mixture: leaves of melissa 10.48%, rhizomes of oman 13.96%, angelica root 13.96%, ginger rhizomes 13.96%, carnation flowers 5.57%, rhizome of galanga 5.57% black pepper fruit 1.39%, gentian root 13.69%, orange fruit 13.96%, cinnamon bark 6.28%, orchid flowers 0.7%, cardamom fruit 0.2%, 100 ml contains 62 mg volatile oils from these raw materials in 66.8% (V / V) ethanol.

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