Elancyl Slim Body Self Massage Tool Kit + Slimming Activation Gel 200ml

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Elancyl Slim Massage Tool & Slimming Concentrate Gel 200ml.

Elancyl Anti-Cellulite Slim Massage accessory with a gel whose formula is inspired directly from the 'palpate and roll' massage with the recognized efficiency against cellulite.

This gel, combined with an innovative and patented massage elaborated by a physiotherapist, revolutionizes the anti-cellulite efficacy:

  • Active mobilization of cellulite (Slim Massage)
  • Maximized physiological drainage (Ivy + Massage)
  • Destocking of lipids (caffeine).

Activated, the skin is now ready to receive the Slim Design anti-cellulite care. Tested under dermatological control.

Use: Fill the Slim Massage tool and massage and rinse thoroughly. Can be used in the shower.

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